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MCHH is beginning an anger management group at the beginning of April. It will be facilitated by MCHH therapist Erica Schmitz, LPC, MS. The group will be 10 weeks long. Space is limited. One group will meet on Monday at 6 PM (starting April 4) in Lombard, and another group will be on Friday (April 8) at 9 AM via telehealth. The cost will be $300 for 10 sessions. To learn more call (630) 560-1100.

Anger is a part of everyone. It comes in all shapes and forms, and it is simply a way for us to understand when external factors don’t agree with us. Overall, anger isn’t bad! However, the way we express the aggression that comes with anger is what can start to affect our everyday mood, our relationships, our behaviors, and overall, us. By trying to turn off our anger, we are only hurting ourselves. There are ways to feel the genuine emotion of anger but doing so in an effective way. All it takes is understanding our bodies and moments where this feeling is most prevalent and modifying how we choose to express this feeling. Topics covered in this anger management class can help guide the mindset necessary for change to occur. They include:

  • Defining What Anger Is
  • Relaxation and Coping Techniques 
  • Understanding our Triggers
  • Rationalizing our Thinking 
  • Realistic Problem-Solving
  • Coping Strategies 
  • Common Distortions Leading to Anger
  • Assertiveness Training
  • Generational Contributions to Anger
  • Receiving Anger from Others

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